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Using the Numberpad on a Laptop Keyboard

Every laptop is going to be different, but this is how my HP is set up. To use the numpad, press and hold the FN key, and then press the F8 key at the top of the keyboard. You can tell it's the F8 key because of the small number pad icon, and when it is activated, the numbad icon on the top left of the keyboard is lit (in the photo, it is not on). Your keyboard layout may be different, but this might at least give you a clue where to look. The numbers are in the center of the keyboard.

To use this function for a copyright symbol, activate the numpad and then hold the alt key while typing 0169: ©  When you release the alt key your copyright sign appears. A degree sign is alt+0176: °

For a list of ascii characters click here. To use this page, press the alt key and type the four numerals without the &#. For example to type the yen  ¥  sign, hold the alt key and type 0165. If you don't have a laptop, you just use the numpad on your keyboard with the alt key for the same results.

Hewlett Packard Laptop Keyboard (or any laptop keyboard from Altec Lansing):

HP keyboard

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