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Installing Third Party Plugins

Photoshop, Elements, and other graphics software come with some filters installed, and there are also third-party filters you can purchase or download free from the net.

EyeCandy, Xenofex, and DreamSuite are examples of commercial plugins you can purchase. Many of these come with an installer and you install the the same as any program, but often must point the installer to the plugin folder.

There are also some nice free filters to be found. The Xero filters are some of those. Unzip the filters after you download them. Some unzip and have folders inside the zipfile. Xero filters have a folder in the zip. Just copy the folder to the plugins folder of Elements.

Some filters will unzip and be one .8bf file. Copy the .8bf file to your plugins folder.


If Elements was open when you did this, you may have to close it and then reopen it to let it load the filters. Once the filters are installed so Elements can find them, you can access them from the Filter menu within Elements.


When you have chosen the plugin to use, it's dialog will open. Make your choice from the settings and click OK.


The filter dialog will close, you will be returned to Elements, and the filter will be applied to the image.



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