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Photoshop CS: Where did they put...?

So you took the plunge and upgraded to Photoshop CS. Missing a few things? Here's where they are.


sphere3D Transform Filter

This nifty little filter went missing in Photoshop CS. I looked for it showed a lot of promise. If you have used it before and want it back, I'll tell you how to get it back. If you have never used it, I'll tell you why you would want to.



Here's what the help file says:

front quoteRender filters

    The Render filters create 3D shapes, cloud patterns, refraction patterns, and simulated light reflections in an image. You can also manipulate objects in 3D space, create 3D objects (cubes, spheres, and cylinders), and create texture fills from grayscale files to produce 3D-like effects for lighting.end quote

While there is certainly the standard (and extremely useful) fractal clouds and difference clouds filters, lighting effects and lens flare filters, and a fiber filter, there is nothing under the Render filter menu that remotely lets you manipulate objects in 3D space or create 3D objects (cubes, squares, cylinders or anything else remotely three dimensional.) There is also nothing in the help file that tells you this little gem is hidden away on the cd in the Goodies folder, and if you want it, you have to copy it from the Goodies folder to your hard drive.

Goodies folder on the CD

As long as we are talking about the Goodies folder on the application CD, always check it out. There are usually sample images, stock photos, and other extras tucked in there. The first thing I do when installing an Adobe product is look on the CD for Goodies.






To install the 3D Transform filter, open the Goodies folder on the Adobe Photoshop CS CD.

Inside the Goodies folder is a folder called Optional Plug-ins.

Inside this folder you will find folders named Ditherbox, Ffactory, File Format, Filters, Photoshop Only, and Seiko Epson. Each of these folders contains filters not installed with PS CS by default.

The ones we are concerned with are in the Filters folder. There are two .8bf files (filter files) in this folder, 3D Transform.8BF and Texture Fill.8BF:


Copy these two files into the Photoshop CS/Plug-ins folder and restart PS CS. The filters will be in the filters menu.

3D Transform is at Filters > Render > 3D Transform
Texture Fill is at Filters > Render > Texture Fill

Go on now, go play!

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