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Robert Rankin

Let it be said...I love to read Robert Rankin's work! But it isn't readily available in the States, and so this page will no longer be updated. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Robert Rankin has done many things in his lifetime (his lengthy resume of 39 jobs includes concert pianist, Shakesperian actor, topless go-go dancer, illustrator, off-licence manger, market-stall trader, rock singer, tupperware salesman and garden gnome salesman), but the one that is the most memorable is that he is an outstanding author. He is prolific, having written many books, but that is hardly surprising considering he claims to have been born during the first years of Queen Victoria's Reign. Plus he had to have something to do while commuting back and forth between the planets. And collecting whales is a pretty demanding hobby, so it is only fair that he'd find some respite in writing. An autobiographical series, some may claim. (Rankin among them from time to time!)

You will rock with laughter reading his work, I guarantee you that. You will come to know little-known historical facts, (such as Christ had a twin sister!), and you'll learn that Elvis is not dead, never has been and probably never will be. And after meeting Barry, you'll never look at that plate of Brussels Sprouts quite in the same way again (with disgust and as dinner!) are some places to find great info on Rankin and his works and how to order his books online. For some reason, they don't seem to be readily available in the States. If you can't find them, order them. Worth the postage. Worth the wait. Just don't try reading them in bed if your significant other is a light sleeper because they can't be read without extreme and sometimes almost paralyzing laughter and a few groans as well when of his famous running gags surfaces yet again. Or doesn't as in the case when John O'Malley says something to the effect of: "Look, we are in a bit of a bind here. We haven't got time to start a new running gag!"



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